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:: Introduction

In my working environment I have to use several Linux Servers/Services. I am using Linux as my working platform since 2004. I started learning Linux with Redhat (RehHat 7.0), later Fedora came from the RedHat. I actually started doing the production servers using RedHat 9.0.
In 2007, I came in touch with Debain/Ubuntu and I started to like it cause of its package management, number of packages, simplicity of update/installing of services, and after all Debain/Ubuntu providing their Enterprise Product with free of cost, also have a large community of Debian platform.
Hence, I have selected Ubuntu/Debian as my production working Linux platform (though it is totally my personal choice). I started writing howto on those I needed time to time as it helps me to organize my works and helps me to access them easily from the web. If these howtos help someone, it will be very pleasure to me and need not to thanks me for that. Thanks goes to the peoples of OpenSource World, who are providing the endless effort to keep the OpenSource World alive and prosper.
I have written my howtos searching google and took references from several community and community sites, tested them in my own system. You are totally allowed to copy/modify or pass it to other people without any permission of mine.
I have done several production Server/Services Like DNS, Proxy, Gateway, Router, VPN, VLAN, Mail, Web, FTP, Firewall, File Server, Nagios, Cacti, MRTG, Bandwidth Manager etc, using RedHat/CentOS/Fedora/Ubuntu/Debian.
Disclaimer: Here, I am giving no warranty that my howto will work for you. Use it as your own risk. Test it first before you go for any production server. Secure your server as your own.
You may mail me to if you have any asking regarding the howtos. You also may catch me on google-talk, my gtalk id is 'rkarim1981'

:: Uploaded Howto List

:: Ubuntu 10.04 Howto List

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